Água na Caixa is a new water brand on the market holding sustainable attributes and packaging made from recyclable materials.
In this project I had the opportunity to develop the moodboard for the launching campaign, taking into consideration the plan and slogan created by the agency, which was 'Simples Assim', reinforcing that drinking water should be as simple as it is, like Água na Caixa. Simple drawings, minimalist/ clean photos and the brand identity set the tone for the launch.
In addition, I produced several mockups, using Adobe Dimension and PS, for activations that in the future became part of the launch plan, which included from bicycle models, clay filters, to acrylic domes, transforming the bottles into pieces of art.
The project also included an extensive range of printed communication, social media posts (developed by the ANC team, following the initial moodboard) and the slogan 'Simples Assim' being extended to bottles and packs.
Creation, direction and production: Jazz Side Team
Design: Jonny Ferreira

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